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Medical Credentialing Made Simple


Medical Credentialing allows providers to become affiliated with insurance companies so they can accept third party reimbursement. However, the process for credentialing is often cumbersome and a distraction for providers from providing quality care to their patients. Fortunately, our credentialing service simplifies the process.

Why Credentialing Matters

Insurance Is What Patients Prefer
Today, networking with insurance companies is necessary to build a successful and thriving practice. With more patients being insured than ever and patients preferring insurance over out-of-pocket payments.

Insurance Covers More Services
Health insurance plans now cover a broader range of treatments. It includes Mental Health/Behavioral Health parity, lower restrictions on pre-existing conditions, and the coverage of supplemental services such as physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and other holistic health services.

Insurance Panels Are Filling Up
Insurance panels are becoming increasingly full for providers, meaning the process of medical credentialing is becoming more difficult every day. As insurance companies close provider panels, it raises the barriers providers have to get through to be profitable.

Key Benefits

Huge Time Savings

We take on the burden of paperwork, applications, faxes, emails, and telephone follow up.

Increased Patient Revenue

Credentialing supports the increased number of insured due to healthcare reform.

Credentialing Experts at the Ready

Experienced credentialing professionals manage the process and answer client questions