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Maximize Your Revenue with RCM


Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a complex system of functions. Which is why it makes sense for a company like iHealth Solutions to manage it for you. Our RCM solutions are customized to improve your profits, allow you to see more patients and relieve you of uncomfortable “follow ups” on payment – not to mention get the most out of your Electronic Health Record system.

Our solution can help you manage claims processing, payments and revenue generation. We use technology to keep track of the claims process at every point during its life cycle, so your practice has a solid process to follow that facilitates a steady stream of revenue. We also address denied claims which can cause up to 90% of missed revenue opportunities.

Read the features below to learn more about what we can do for you.


Charge Entry, Claims Submission & Cash Posting

Revenue Cycle Management is a complex system of functions. Which is why it makes sense for a company like iHealth Solutions to manage it for you. Our RCM solutions are customized to improve your profits, allow you to see more patients and relieve you of uncomfortable “follow ups” on payment.

Secondary Medical Claims Follow Up

We process standard files electronically and review and follow up on all denied claims – using established procedures to resolve the latter. Our team of specialists contact payers and aggressively work each outstanding claim. Detailed reports are generated by payer to identify unpaid claims. Our follow up process includes submitting claims to secondary insurers, re-submission based on corrected information and documentation, and transferring balances to patients for resolution.

Medical Coding

ICD-9 coding is becoming obsolete. Our coding team is well-versed in ICD-10 which has nearly 10x as many codes as the existing system – from 17,000 to a whopping 155,000. This improves billing accuracy. Our team validates superbills to prevent any denials due to ‘up-coding’ or ‘down-coding’, and audits the coded charge sheets to ensure that they have accurate CPT codes and comply with CMS, AMA and government payer regulations. We guarantee a minimum accuracy of 95%.

Accounts Receivable

We follow up on receivables by phone, e-mail, and online to get the status of each claim submitted to the insurance company. We analyze claims over 30, 60, 90, 120 and more days and work down from the age of the claim. Through detailed reporting, resubmission of claims and timely submission of secondary claims, we improve cash flow and reduce days in AR.

AR Denial Management

We identify underpayments by payers at the individual claim level. We then follow up aggressively with payers to pay their agreed rates. We do not give up on zero balance accounts that have been closed by the facility. Instead, we provide collection services towards old accounts receivables, which include follow-up on underpaid claims, understanding reasons for underpayment, addressing issues and recovering revenues from payer.

Insurance Verification

Leveraging innovative technology, we are able to streamline the patient insurance eligibility verification process. Using electronic interfaces, our solution automatically connects to a health plan to retrieve information like eligibility dates, co-pay and deductible amounts, excluded services, maximum amount of benefits and other desired information. At the time an appointment is scheduled, your staff can verify insurance over the phone with the insurance company or online.

Customer Service Calls

We have the resources to handle the high volume of incoming customer service telephone calls generated by itemized bills for outstanding charges sent to patients – particularly those patients who refuse to accept the responsibility of payment. Our approach is to first try to satisfy patients with answers and explanations as to why they are genuinely responsible for the payment. We do the fact finding with the insurance companies to interact with the patient effectively, freeing your staff up for other revenue generating tasks.


With dedicated resources located in both the United States and abroad, we have the ability to function as an extension of your organization around the clock. Expertly trained personnel are assigned specifically to your account to ensure consistent, high quality service delivery not just at implementation, but into the future.

We work with key resources in your organization and combines them with our world-class RCM processes and experience to develop a custom-tailored solution designed specifically to move your practice forward.

Included with our service are the following:

  • Comprehensive summary reports
  • Charge and adjustment recap reports
  • Physician activity and productivity reports
  • Charge utilization reports
  • Insurance reports
  • RVU reports
  • Daily and hourly volume reports 


Quality Control is at the heart of our RCM solution, allowing us to provide you a strong platform for the delivery of solutions that drive collection success and meets regulatory standards. We adhere closely to industry standards and best practices.

To us, quality is more than just successful transactions – we are focused on continuously improving all processes to bring about real change to your organization and its bottom line. This approach yields effective solutions that increase cash recovery, reduce claim denials, streamline workflow, and improve customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits

Faster Collections

Leveraging our processes rooted in best practices for RCM, you can substantially increase revenue through collections. We can also identify gaps in your current collection processes that can be converted into sources of revenue through optimization.

Operational Cost Savings

Save thousands on the cost of RCM staff and combine our services with your Practice Management solution to yield even higher savings.

Improved Cash Flow

Significantly reduce GDRO and collection time and reinvest in patient care assets and talent.

Focus on Patient Care

By outsourcing the management of the revenue cycle to us, you can focus on providing outstanding patient care.

HIPAA and State Regulatory Compliance

We follow industry standards and best practices to guarantee the security of your data.